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Patrick St. Louis 
Chief Instructor
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About Marine Pistol Instructors of Miami
    Marine Pistol Instructors of Miami is a Veteran-owned business operated right here in North Miami, FL, however; training can also be conducted in other cities or states. Our instructors are NRA certified. Our goal is to train people in the safe and proficient use of firearms, and to also assist in the process of obtaining a concealed weapon and firearms license. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, the most professional, and come with a great deal of personal experience in a comfortable environment.  Most folks that teach permit courses in Miami & South Florida are NRA Certified Instructors (First Step, Basic Pistol, Personal Protection, etc) However, their instructors are not Marine Corps Certified Marksmanship Instructors. The Marine Corps prides itself on it's marksmanship. So wouldn't you want to learn from the best of the best? 
    Patrick has over 25 years of military experience as a Marksmanship Instructor in the Marine Corps. He has trained thousands of United States Marines in the safe handling and proficient usage of firearms. Patrick has taught the pistol, rifle and shotgun courses here in the United States and in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. Patrick also has plenty of experience working at the range as a coach and a Primary Marksmanship Instructor (PMI).
    After retiring from the United States Marine Corps, Patrick began instructing as a hobby and soon realized that many people are interested in being trained in firearms and weapons. Now his goal is to teach the basic skills, knowledge and attitude to protect yourself and your loved ones.
    With Patrick's training and experience you are guaranteed to be learning from a highly motived, truly dedicated professional. 

Committed to helping our students achieve their firearms training and   proficiency.